Goodie Goodie Bakeries

Do good. Eat good.

Non-profit social enterprise bakeries (pending charity status) that create
jobs for young refugees at mid-week church locations across Ontario

Want dessert? Don't go to a store...go to church!

Our bakeries will be opening in mid-week church locations in Ontario in fall 2023
Shop & volunteer at one of our pop-up shops

Goodie Goodie
Pop-Up Shops

We can pop open a Goodie Goodie shop for a few hours or a full day anywhere in the KW area that wants to support young refugees. All funds raised will go directly to Goodie Goodie programs. Coming fall 2023.

Our first two shops will be in Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church
and St Stephen Evangelical Lutheran Church (both in Kitchener).

Shopping hours: Wednesdays and Fridays from 11am to 3pm

Le Menu

“Le Menu” featuring French voice actor Lili provides a glimpse of the Goodie Goodie meringue experience. 

Buy meringues online here.

EVERYTHING is less than $3

Mission & Menu

Our mission is to create high quality baked treats that are larger in size but smaller in price, with every purchase supporting young refugees.

The Menu: Meringues, cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies and fudge.

Opening fall 2023.

French Meringue Kisses

Light and airy melt-in-your-mouth FRENCH MERINGUES were the first products we wanted to have at our new concept bakeries. They’re fat-free, gluten-free and preservative-free and are the ultimate sweet treats! Available in solid pastel colours and multicolour swirls.

$1.95 for 8 kisses, $10.95 for 50 kisses and $19.95 for 100 kisses

Available at our Etsy Shop

French Meringue Pops

Our GIANT Spiral Pops and Fun Pops are made from yummy French meringue. Spirals come in solid pastel colours and multicolour swirls. Fun Pops are white only with SPRINKLES!!
$1.95 each, $10.95 for 6 and $19.95 a dozen

Vegan Meringue Kisses

We’re really excited about being able to offer our customers a vegan option! These smooth and creamy Vegan Meringue Kisses are just like our yummy French Meringue Kisses but made with vegan ingredients.

$1.95 for 12 pieces, $10.95 for 75 pieces and $19.95 for 150 pieces

Available at our Etsy shop

Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes

Made with a "wooden spoon recipe" and kid-friendly buttercream icing

Perfect vanilla cupcakes are all mixed by hand with a wooden spoon instead of using mechanical mixers. They’re really big and really good! Incredibly fluffy with huge domes that bounce back when you squish them. Get yours in solid pastel colours or multicolour swirls.

Our kid-friendly buttercream contains more icing sugar than the buttery buttercreams, which makes them way yummier. It’s the flavour you loved when you were a kid (and we love it too!)

$2.75 each, $15.95 for 6 and $29.95 a dozen (opening fall 2023)

Fancy Cupcakes

Like our Perfect Cupcakes...but fancier!

Take your treats to the next level with Goodie Goodie's Fancy Cupcakes! We'll create something truly amazing for you with a different colour palette featured every week.

$2.95 each, $16.95 for 6 and $31.95 a dozen (opening fall 2023)

Heavenly Doughnuts
at down-to-earth prices!

We start with an incredibly delicious yeast doughnut and top it with yummy Petit Four Buttercream Icing (from our French Pastry Works roots) to create something very special for discerning doughnut lovers. 

Watch this video to see how amazing this icing is 
(and our doughnut artists will feature a different colour palette every week).

These are unlike anything you'll find at your local doughnut shop and we don't want to hide their amazing flavour by piling on loads of extra stuff.

$1.45 each, $6.95 for 6 and $10.95 a dozen (opening fall 2023)


A perfect Yeast Doughnut dipped in French Petit Four Buttercream Icing

NYC Style Cookies

Our version of the amazing cookies created by Levain in New York City

They’re really big and incredibly delicious…crisp on the outside and super-soft and gooey on the inside! Fresh baked, warm cookies will be available all day long at our bakeries.

Shown: Birthday Cake with sprinkles and caramelized white chocolate chunks

$2.75 each, $15.95 for 6 and $29.95 a dozen (opening fall 2023)



We want to free you from the drudgery of making "olde fashioned" fudge in a hot kitchen...or even easier, just buy it from us!

Check out our Goodie Goodie Gumdrops Fudge recipe on YouTube

$1.95 each, $10.95 for 6 and $19.95 a dozen (opening fall 2023)