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Watch for the opening of our pop-up bakery at Community CRC, 1275 Bleams Road in Kitchener EVERY Friday

Community Christian Reformed Church

1275 Bleams Road in Kitchener

You can shop every Friday from 10 to 3 at our pop-up bakery at Community Christian Reformed Church, 1275 Bleams Road at Fischer-Hallman Road in Kitchener (the little brown door on the left is the Goodie Goodie door) Opening date TBA.

Community CRC has a long history of refugee support and doing good in their community and the world.

Why shop at Goodie Goodie?

When you buy baked treats from Goodie Goodie at Community CRC you're supporting refugee youth. We're a non-profit bakery launching a training and job creation program, and our free 26 week course will be comprised of a combination of video learning and hands-on training. We'll provide our students with temporary employment in our bakery during the program and assist them with permanent job placement in the baking industry upon completion. 100% of the profit goes to paying our young refugee staff and all of our supervisors are volunteers.

Mission & Menu

Our Mission: To provide temporary employment in our bakery for refugee youth who are registered in our training program and to assist with permanent job placement in the baking industry once the program is completed (we'll also be baking incredibly yummy treats!)

Our menu: Tiny cakes, GREAT BIG COOKIES and chocolate from "Peace by Chocolate" with 100% of the profit going to support our young refugee staff.

Volunteer with us!
Thursdays 12 to 3
Fridays 9 to 12 or 12 to 3

Little tiny cakes

Goodie Goodie Petit Fours

Petit Fours are delicate little cakes that originated in France. Their name translates to “small oven” in English because in the past they were baked with the residual heat of brick ovens used for breadmaking.

Our miniature cakes are Goodie Goodie's version of basic Petit Fours, the classic French dessert. We've elevated them by making our yummy three layer Vanilla Mini-Cakes with Homemade Lemon Curd and Raspberry Filling, then icing them with amazing French Buttercream Fondant made in a bain marie and decorating them with Buttercream flowers to create a whole new dessert. We think Marie Antoinette would approve!

Watch this cute little video to see how they're iced: Icing Petit Fours

Available only at our Goodie Goodie shop.

$2 each (inc tax), $11 a 1/2 dozen (no tax) and $20 a dozen (no tax) 


Our version of the amazing cookies at Levain bakery in New York City

They’re really big and incredibly delicious…crisp on the outside and super-soft and gooey on the inside! Fresh baked, warm cookies will be ready to pop in your mouth from 10am to 3pm every Friday.

Birthday Cake Cookies with sprinkles & caramelized white chocolate

$2 each (inc tax), $11 a 1/2 dozen (no tax) and $20 a dozen (no tax) 

Our friends at Crumbs & Doilies in London, England show you how to make Birthday Cake NYC Cookies at home!

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

NYC style cookies for chocolate lovers

Just like our Birthday Cake Cookies but incredibly chocolatey and
served warm all day long every Friday at the Goodie Goodie bakery!

$2 each (inc tax), $11 a 1/2 dozen (no tax) and $20 a dozen (no tax) 

Crumbs & Doilies in London, England shows you how to make Double Chocolate Chip NYC Cookies at home!

Peace by Chocolate

a Syrian family tradition

We'll be selling "Peace by Chocolate" chocolates! It's an amazing company run by a Syrian refugee family in Nova Scotia. You'll be able to buy two pieces for $2 (inc tax) in a cellophane bag with a gold tie and a tag. 1/2 dozen bags for $11 (no tax) and a dozen bags for $20 (no tax). 

NOTE: We can't sell their chocolate bars because they exceed our $2 maximum price point.

Visit their website: Peace by Chocolate

An amazing Peace by Chocolate story...